Kayleigh O’Keefe’s Artist Statement and CV

Kayleigh O'Keefe Gash Land at Fannying On

Kayleigh O’Keefe: Artist Statement

I am Kayleigh O’Keefe: World Famous Artiste, Glorious Leader of Gash Land, Fist Queen, Flabzilla, Pervert Siren and Physical Gape Practitioner. I use live art and film to engage with themes of sexuality, body acceptance and non-assimilationist social assertion.

I utilise humour and the absurd to connect with diverse audiences.

I revel in humanity.

I use my fat body to provoke, express and challenge.

I am interested in the cumulative effect of my open nudity and raw physicality.

I deliberately blur the line between my art and my life.

“In a world where art is more a commodity than a site of public engagement and critique, O’Keefe ‘holds our feet to the fire’ (or wherever she’d like them to be) with brilliant humor” – Krissy Mahan, dykeumentary.com, 2015


Kayleigh O’Keefe is a contemporary artist working in performance, video and film. She was born in Sheffield (1986), received her Bachelor of  Fine Arts Degree from Falmouth College of Arts (2008) and currently lives in London.

Her films have screened internationally at arts, queer, niche and mainstream events/film festivals including LSFF, Analogica, UAMO, Entzaubert, Experimental Studio, Radicals #1, and Wotever@BFI. She has performed at events including Buzzcut, Modern Panic, Deep Trash Italia, Queer Experiments and Fannying On.

Live Art

Psychedelic Menstrual Hut DTI5

Photo by Thomas Hensher, Courtesy Cuntemporary

Gash Land, Live Art Bistro: What a Drag, 2016

#GASHLAND, Buzzcut, 2016

Gash Land, Save Rubyyy Jones: Fleshhh, 2016

Gash Land: Psychedelic Menstrual Hut, Modern Panic 6, 2015

Gash Land: Psychedelic Menstrual Hut, More Peas Summer Party, 2015

Gash Land: Let’s Talk Abaht Gash, Queer Experiments, 2015

Gash Land: various performances, Fannying On 2, 2015

Gash Land: Psychedelic Menstrual Hut, Deep Trash Italia #5, 2015

Gash Land, various performances, Fannying On, 2015

Pervert Siren Seaside Experience, performance, The Lights Are On, 2014

Flaps Theatre, performance, Dandifest,2014

There’s a Fine Line Between Fertility and War, performance, Hamburger Queen, 2013

Pink Bear Hunt, interactive adventure, E17 Art Trail, 2012

Wood Street Whimsy, interactive installation, Wood Street Market, 2012

T’Story O’ Me Life, performance, Live Art Falmouth, 2008

My Life as a Magician, performance, Live Art Falmouth, 2007


 Selected Screenings & Exhibitions

Kayleigh O'Keefe Flabzilla

Still from Flabzilla, 2014

Glooptopia, Dandifest, 2017

Final Girls Film Fest, 2017

(Dis)Connected Forms: Narratives on the Fractured Self, 2016

SQIFF: Queers in the City, 2016

Outview: Political Fatties screening & panel discussion, 2016

Wotever @ BFI, 2015

Lotusland //// Changing Spaces, 2015

Deep Trash Italia #5, 2015

Midnight Shorts at Land of Kings Festival, 2015

Dandifest, 2015

Radicals #1 Performance evening, 2015

London Short Film Festival, 2015

House of Voodoo, 2014

Modern Panic V, 2014

UAMO, 2014

Analogica, 2014

Wotever DIY Film Festival, 2014

Folkestone Fringe Open, 2014

Experimental Studio Film Night, 2014

Entzaubert Queer and DIY Film Festival 2014

Dandifest 2014

DarkRoom at Penryn Arts Festival 2014

GAST 2014

Walthamstow International Film Festival 2012

Selected Press / Coverage

Kayleigh O’Keefe Video Interview, Cuntemporary, 2017

So Sexy I Shat Me’sen, Luisa Le Voguer Couyet for Hate, 2016

This Artist’s Childish Utopia Could be the Cure for Po-faced Activism, Joe Bish for Vice, 2016

Live Art, Sex, Death and Community, Megan Garrett-Jones for RealTime, 2016

Gash Dramaturgy: Kayleigh O’Keefe @ Buzzcut, Gareth Vile, 2016

I Heart Flabzilla, Charlotte Cooper, 2014



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