Familial Fancies, 2014

#FamilialFancies is an absurdist sitcom created collaboratively by contemporary artists Kayleigh O’Keefe and Paul Kindersley

Shot in one day, this 20 minute art sitcom is structured around the rapid-cycling meal schedule of a family of perverts and their family GP. Dad Hilary (Paul Kindersley) keeps his fetish for small spaces secret from his wife Candida (Kayleigh O’Keefe) who spends her days trying to emulate the ideological domesticated lifestyle of her hero Kirstie Allsop. Their children Prosecco (Siobhan Barr), Libya (Becca Patch) and ‘Limpet’ (Bill Rodgers) all have their own motivations and desires, with their attempts at fulfiment adding to the chaotic absurdity of the plot which unfolds over a day in the life of the Battenburgs and their ill-fated GP.

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Familial Fancies Lucky Holes

Libya Battenburg enjoying her Lucky Holes | Still from Familial Fancies, 2013

Behind the Scenes

We had so much fun making this film! We shot the whole thing in one day which was hard but worked very well as we shot mostly chronologically. The tiredness, manic moments and buzz of the cast on a long shoot really added to the performances. Everyone helped out and we were chuffed that our lovely family GP was kind enough to jump in as camera assistant and general runner – what a star!

I was very proud of the cast for throwing themselves into their performances and putting so much time and effort into working on their characters. Paul and I wrote character profiles for the performances to be hinged on, and briefed the cast on the storyline. We wanted things to flow naturally so there was no script and the dialogue was completely 100% improvised. We didn’t rehearse and there wasn’t time for lots of takes so it was a little nerve-wracking but everyone settled into it and begun to bounce off one another. This approach gave the conversations and interactions between the characters a real edge and spark, helping to create the chaotic family dynamic we were aiming for.


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 What’s Next for the Battenburgs?

What was your favourite bit of Familial Fancies and what would you like to see next?


About Kayleigh

Glorious Leader of Gash Land, World Famous Artiste, Fist-Queen, Flabzilla and Pervert-Siren Kayleigh O’Keefe is a London-based artist working in live art and film to engage with sexuality, body acceptance and non-assimiliationist social assertion.

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