Flaps Theatre at Dandifest, 2014

Flaps Theatre is a live performance / series of micro-short films about cunt experiences, presented from within a giant vagina

Flaps Theatre, 2014

Flaps Theatre, 2014

I performed Flaps Theatre for the first time at Dandifest on May 4th 2014. This was a brilliant opportunity to try out this series of short performances for an intimate audience, to see what would work before developing it for filming and future events.

Flaps Theatre, 2014

Becca Patch inserts the Eiffel tower into my vagina (Flaps Theatre, 2014)

I had always wanted this work to be expressive, poignant and succint in content but with a very ‘rough’ DIY aesthetic. I was going for that ‘amateur dramatics’ feel. Flaps Theatre started life as an idea for a simple series of micro-short films but in creating it as a live performance it seemed to take on a new quality, occupying an interesting space between art and theatre.

I got a bit carried away. I ended up with 20 short performances, approximately 100 cardboard cut-out props, 2 lovely assistants, 1 narwhal, 1 unicorn, 8 balloons, 100g glitter and 2 giant flaps. I felt like I might be being too ambitious and losing focus by creating so many props. When it all came together though I was glad I had put in the extra work; the performances were tied together by the imagination and absurdity of the cardboard cut-outs.

Putting 20 short performances together was quite daunting and I’m still not sure I got the order quite right. I arranged it into 3 sections and tried to get a good balance throughout, whilst also having a kind of build-up to the grand finale birthing scene. I think this was successful to some degree, though there were a few similar performances that ended up back-to-back.

I gave this pamphlet to the audience which includes the monologues that the performances are based on. People read it and seemed to enjoy guessing which monologue each performance was about.

Flaps Theatre Credits

Devised by Kayleigh O’Keefe with assistance from Becca Patch 
Produced and Performed by Kayleigh O’Keefe
Choreographed by Ben Wilson
Set construction by Henry Alderson
Lovely Assistants – Becca Patch & Chrissy Violet Sabberton

More about the production of Flaps Theatre

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Flaps Theatre pre-production: Building the Set (part 1)

Flaps Theatre pre-production: Building the Set (part 2)

Flaps Theatre pre-production: Devising the Performances

Images of Flaps Theatre at Dandifest 2014




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