Gash Land at More Peas Punky Funky Summer Party Aug 21st

The Glorious Leader of Gash Land Kayleigh O’Keefe will be performing and compering at More Peas Punky Funky Summer Party

The Islington, August 21st 7pm – midnight


more peas punky funky summer party

MORE PEAS invite you to party the summer night away with us and our honoured special guests, CURIOUS DELUXE, KAYLEIGH O’KEEFE, and DJs BITCHFEST WOMAN WEDNESDAYS!

Mo infos:

More Peas is the London-based funk-punk trio responsible for this whole shebang. We love bass, beats, dancing, passion, feminism, justice, equality and unitards. Inspiration c/o ESG, Slits, Parliament-Funkadelic, Betty Davis, Jazz & Latin stuff… additional percussion and backing vocals c/o you, yes, you.

Curious Deluxe is a solo project by Australian drummer Serra Petale, currently drumming for Kid Wave (Heavenly Recordings). Joined by musicians Mattias Bhatt and Elsa Korning, her chilled out tunes are transformed into a psyched out funky jam.

Kayleigh O’Keefe is a world famous Artiste, Glorious Leader of Gash Land, Flabzilla, Pervert Siren, fist queen and fertility symbol of the modern world who uses performance and video to create imaginative new spaces for the exploration and assertion of identity and humanity.

Bitchface Woman Wednesdays are an all-female DJ collective playing a genre-spanning shedload of tunes by female artists for your delight and dancing.

About Kayleigh

Glorious Leader of Gash Land, World Famous Artiste, Fist-Queen, Flabzilla and Pervert-Siren Kayleigh O’Keefe is a London-based artist working in live art and film to engage with sexuality, body acceptance and non-assimiliationist social assertion.

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