Podcast & Report: Chins Up – Fat and Performance

I was a panelist at Chins Up, a discussion about fat and performance

chinsupThe talk was chaired by Charlotte Cooper. The event was supported by Arts Council England and The Hospital Club. It was organised by ScotteeInc, a charity developing community-based popular performance around themes including fat, age, feminism, working class and queer identity.

I think it a valuable discussion amongst practitioners. This kind of thing is pretty rare, I’d say. Fat people are spoken of, but it remains quite unusual for us to speak for ourselves. The inevitable questions about health creep in, but this was not really a panel about that, and that feels exciting too. I see this work as part of the project of developing fat culture, community and identity, which is to say, or recognising that fat people make valuable contributions to the work of being human and that sometimes we have great things to say.

–  ‘Report: Chins Up – Fat and Performance’ by Charlotte Cooper, Obesity Epidemic, 2014



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