Gash Land: Psychedelic Menstrual Hut at Deep Trash Italia, May 2015

I performed the Gash Land ritual of the ‘Psychedelic Menstrual Hut Experience’ at Deep Trash Italia #5: Religious Bondage

Deep Trash Italia is a fundraiser night in support of the queer-feminist organisations Archivio Queer Italia (Italy) and CUNTemporary (London).

On May 30th 2015  I took my Minister of Education (Becca Patch), Minister of Rural Affairs and Showing Off and Horned Beast Whisperer (Benjamin Wilson) and an army of Gash Land citizens to perform the Psychedelic Menstrual Hut Experience for a new audience at DTI5.

The Psychedelic Menstrual Hut Experience is a mandatory monthly ritual for all cock-having citizens of Gash Land, to give them the experience of menstruation to enable them to stand alongside their fellow cuntrywomen in solidarity.

Psychedelic Menstrual Hut DTI5

Photo by Thomas Hensher, Courtesy Cuntemporary

Developing the Psychedelic Menstrual Hut Experience

Previously, the Psychedelic Menstrual Hut Experience had been more fluid and improvised ‘in the moment’ at live Gash Land events. I wanted to use this opportunity to bring Gash Land into the real world and to a fresh audience who didn’t know much about our cuntry. I decided to make the performance stronger and richer, but I also wanted to keep the ritual authentic.

Gash Land citizen ‘Runt’ created a music track for the ritual based on a series of emotions and musical ‘mood board’ I had given him. Me and the Minister of Rural Affairs devised some performance elements and gave the ritual more structure, working closely with the music.

Psychedelic Menstrual Hut DTI5

Photo by Thomas Hensher, Courtesy Cuntemporary

I had been researching shamanism in life and in art, including Alejandro Jodorowsky’s psycho magic / psycho shamanism, which helped me to determine the intersection that this ritual would operate in. I was interested in using rituals in the conscious to work with the subconscious, and felt that this fitted comfortably with the values of Gash Land and my own attitude to existential ways of living. For the weeks leading up to the ritual I had been honing my shamanic skills and “opening up all t’dimensions rayt wide and that”.

Gash Land Citizens Participation

We gave all our free guest list spots to Gash Land citizens, and they really did me proud. As always, they were enthusiastic, involved and brimming with adoration for the Glorious Leader. I created a few hand signals to prompt them to dance or to get on their hands and knees etc, and they loved it. It was a fun way for the audience to notice GASH LAND before the performance.

During the performance the citizens in the audience were chanting the phrases on the signs which encouraged people to join in and made the whole thing feel rich and immersive.

Psychedelic Menstrual hut DTI5

Photo by Thomas Hensher, Courtesy Cuntemporary

Where There’s A Fist There’s A Way

In the Psychedelic Menstrual Hut Experience the Glorious Leader of Gash Land uses her shamanic skillz to open up all t’dimensions rayt wide and that. She connects with the Minister of Rural Affairs to give him a unique menstrual experience. She inflicts physical pain on him via blows to her own body. She triggers emotional pain and reduces him to an inconsolable mess of sadness and grief. She uses her provocative cunt and physical attacks to fill him with violent rage. She empowers him by making symbolic marks on his body and synchronising his movements with her own. She uses her own sexual prowess to turn him into a filthy bastedd whirling through the audience, cock-flapping and arms flailing.

This is the Psychedelic Menstrual Hut Experience.


Rayt Gudd Tyme

We had such a great night at Deep Trash Italia. We met a lot of lovely new people and found everyone to be a pleasure to work with. The audience were engaged and enthusiastic, giving us really positive feedback about the performance. A lot of people said that they felt like it was “joyful” and that we were “free” and “happy” with our bodies. People enjoyed the energy and the rawness. People appreciated seeing a woman know how to spank a boy’s bottom properly. People loved the phrases on the signs spelled in a northern accent. It made people want to join Gash Land.

About Kayleigh

Glorious Leader of Gash Land, World Famous Artiste, Fist-Queen, Flabzilla and Pervert-Siren Kayleigh O’Keefe is a London-based artist working in live art and film to engage with sexuality, body acceptance and non-assimiliationist social assertion.

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