Works in Progress: Flaps Theatre, Unicorn Sex Machine,

At the moment I’m working hard on two live performances about having a body

Flaps Theatre

I have been developing this idea for a little while now and many of you have been kind enough to contribute by answering my question: “What do you wish you’d have been told about cunts?”. I initially planned to create a series of micro-short films based on the answers I gathered but I am also performing the work live at Dandifest in Norwich on May 4th 2014. I’m really excited for the opportunity to focus on the performance element of the work.

During the project I will be working with my friend Henry Alderson for the first time. He is helping me build the frame for the set and I can’t wait to see how he approaches it.

Unicorn Sex Machine

Unicorn Sex Machine

Unicorn Sex Machine

I have had this idea going around my head but didn’t have the motivation to make it happen until I was given the opportunity to perform at the opening party for femme:skin on March 20th 2014.

I’m currently building a pretty special papier mache unicorn costume with an interior diorama and shiny merkin. More to come on this!

Hate Mail

I recently had my very first hateful comment on my blog. I am so chuffed to finally feel like a real artist; ultimate confirmation that people are engaging with your work! I’m so chuffed that I have decided to make a new video about it.

About Kayleigh

Glorious Leader of Gash Land, World Famous Artiste, Fist-Queen, Flabzilla and Pervert-Siren Kayleigh O’Keefe is a London-based artist working in live art and film to engage with sexuality, body acceptance and non-assimiliationist social assertion.

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